👩🏼‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🧁🍽️ Ingleside High School’s FCCLA students competed at the Region V conference in Corpus Christi. Students competed in the following events: Mystery Basket, Culinary Arts, Texas Cupcake Presentation, and Food Innovations. Katie Asbury made the top 5 for Texas Cupcake Presentation, and advances to the State Leadership Conference in Dallas. The teams received 4 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals in Family and Consumer Science Assessments. Way to go!
about 17 hours ago, Ingleside ISD
ALEXA, PLAY WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS 🎶 🏆 Mustang Smokeshow BBQ Competition Results: Ribs- 1st Place Brisket- 3rd Place Dessert- 5th Place Beans-7th Place Chicken- 9th Place 4th place overall 🙌🏼 Congratulations to the STATE QUALIFIERS! You boys had a dream, made it happen, and have represented your school and your community so well. We are so proud of your efforts!
about 17 hours ago, Ingleside ISD
BBQ Team
🐷🐔🐂 Students from Mr. Mayer's Adaptive Education Class took a field trip to experience a Special Showing at the San Patricio County Livestock Show. Students loved all the animals and were happy to get a hands on experience with the livestock.
4 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Special Showing 1
Special Showing 2
Special Showing 3
Special Showing 4
Last night the Education Service Center, Region 2 recognized individuals that serve in area school districts that help make our schools safe for students and staff. We are so proud that we had two individuals from IISD recognized at the awards banquet, School Resource Officer (SRO) Cynthia Calderon and Mr. Todd Harper in School Operations. Each of your roles are so critical, we are so thankful for all you do to keep us safe at Ingleside ISD! 👏💙
5 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Safety 1
Safety 2
Safety 3
Safety 4
Ingleside ISD has been made aware that information will be presented on Tuesday, January 24 to the Ingleside City Council regarding a request for a permanent zoning designation. This request could possibly affect the Ingleside school district, as the proposed development will initially include building and operating a Micro Liquified Natural Gas (micro-LNG) production and LNG related facilities. The buffer zone around the school district is recommended to be 200 feet south and west of Ingleside ISD. To learn more about this proposal, the Ingleside City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 24th at 6:30 PM. City Hall is located at 2671 San Angelo St. The black outlined area on the map below is the area that is being considered for rezoning. The two arrows indicate where Ingleside High School and Leon Taylor Middle School are located.
10 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Request for Permanent Zoning Designation
Students from the Ingleside High School Welding class competed at the welding competition at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown and showcased their skills. All team members finished their weld coupons, which speaks strongly to the improvements in their skill set. We are proud of our students for doing a great job!
12 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Welding 1
Welding 2
Welding 3
Thanks to a donation geared towards school safety & security from OxyChem of Ingleside, the District will be offering a replacement backpack for any IISD student that has a damaged or torn clear backpack. To receive a new one, starting on Thursday, January 19th, students or their parent must turn in their damaged or torn backpack to their respective campus or the Administration Building. Backpacks will be given on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.
13 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Clear Backpack Giveaway Opportunity
For the month of January, Maria Deanda of Gilbert. J Mircovich Elementary was selected for the Family Matters Award! She was recognized during our School Board Meeting, where she was celebrated for her outstanding efforts. She was also awarded $100 from the Ingleside ISD Education Foundation. Below is an excerpt from the nomination that was submitted by a parent on her behalf. "Ms. Deanda is an amazing teacher. Two out of my three children had her and absolutely loved her and excelled in her class. She went the extra mile by staying in contact with me and wanting my daughter to genuinely do well in school and life as she started the process of getting my daughter in the Special Education program. I can honestly attest that Ms. Deanda has been the only teacher that has listened and acted on my concerns for my children's academics, this puts parents at ease knowing that she truly wants what's best for children. She makes learning fun which absolutely makes students look forward to learning. I truly wish all teachers were just like Ms. Deanda and we were blessed to have her be a part of our children's elementary experience." We encourage you that if you witness an employee who goes above and beyond and demonstrates actions or qualities that are worthy of celebrating, to tell their story and help us recognize them! The nomination form is located on our website under the 'About Us' section of the Menu. To learn more about the Family Matters Award, visit our website at www.inglesideisd.org Way to go, Mrs. Deanda! We are so glad you're part of the family at Ingleside ISD.
13 days ago, Ingleside ISD
M Deana Close Up
M Deanda Group Photo
LIGHTS, CAMERA,.... BBQ! 🎥 When Ingleside High School's first-ever BBQ Team's food is so good, you get invited to make your award winning ribs at the studio for KRIS 6 News! 🔥🔥🔥
14 days ago, Ingleside ISD
News Visit 1
News Visit 2
News Visit 3
News Visit 4
CHEERING ON THE CHEERLEADERS: We are so proud of the Ingleside High School Cheerleaders for traveling to Fort Worth and giving their all at Cheer Competition! Y'all are the 💙 and spirit of Mustangland and we congratulate you on a job well done!
14 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Cheerleaders at Fort Worth
Cheer at Fort Worth 2
🍗🥩🍖🔥SCHOOL HISTORY MADE, ON THE BBQ PIT: We often talk about competitions in high school pertaining to sports, academics, or even theatre arts. But four students at Ingleside High School have made school history by participating in a BBQ Competition. These students formed a team and traveled to Tilden, TX over the weekend to compete in the High School BBQ Inc. - HSBBQ Competition. This is the first time ever for IHS to participate in this type of endeavor. Even more exciting... the boys placed 6th place in the Ribs Category! Sending a super proud congratulations to Logan McGrath, Gavin Rodriguez, Noah Rodriguez, and Ramon Tristan! Also kudos to their sponsor, RJ Alvarado! We can't wait to try some of the BBQ!
21 days ago, Ingleside ISD
BBQ Group Photo 1
BBQ Group Photo 2
BBQ Group Photo 3
BBQ Group Photo 4
LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY: Law Enforcement Officers have chosen a profession that puts their life on the line every day for their communities. They’ve answered a call to public service that is demanding and takes them away from their families for long hours. Rarely do they know what their days have in store for them. On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we have an opportunity to thank them for their service and offer a token of respect. We are thankful for all the men and women who serve at the Ingleside Police Department. We are especially thankful for our School Resource Officer (SRO), Cynthia Calderon! Thank you SRO Calderon for keeping us all safe at IISD!
22 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
January is School Board Recognition Month and Ingleside ISD is celebrating its trustees for their dedication and commitment to the District and its students. Our School Board members are critical to the success of students and the future of Texas, as they lead Ingleside ISD in the right direction, providing oversight, setting goals, and overseeing the budget--these hard workers are volunteers who serve for the betterment of our schools and communities. Join us in recognizing our Board of Trustees! Teresa Flores, President Bobby Dendy, Vice President Cindy Wilson, Secretary Joseph Jones, Trustee Raylee Rodriguez, Trustee Julie Patton, Trustee Ruben Barron, Trustee
26 days ago, Ingleside ISD
School Board Recognition Month
Happy Holidays, Mustangs! Classes resume for students on Monday, January 9th.
about 1 month ago, Ingleside ISD
Winter Break
Congratulations to the 39 students in Mrs. Franco's Health Care class at Ingleside High School, who passed their National Certifications Exams for Electrocardiogram (EKG) and Patient Care Technicians (PCT). We are so proud of the future leaders in healthcare at IHS.
about 1 month ago, Ingleside ISD
EKG and PCT Certificate holders
YOU'RE A *NICE* ONE MR GRINCH: Gilbert J. Mircovich Elementary had some extra help while the GJM PTO passed out Candy Cane Grams. Santa and the Grinch made sure to ask each boy & girl to behave, listen to their teachers, and be safe while on Winter Break. Even though the Grinch wanted to keep the candy canes for himself at first, our student's smiles made his heart grow three sizes & he passed them out to every classroom. Holiday cheer has made it's way around the school!
about 1 month ago, Ingleside ISD
Grinch 1
Grinch 2
Grinch & Santa
Grinch,  Santa, Staff
Students from Ingleside Primary School had a hands-on learning experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities through the Port of Corpus Christi's PORT-Able Learning Lab, a mobile STEM Laboratory. Representatives with Learning Undefeated were on site to collaborate with Ingleside Primary students while encouraging a world of future career possibilities and to spark interest in STEM careers.
about 1 month ago, Ingleside ISD
IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT: Students in Mrs. Smith's class at Ingleside Primary School got to participate in a special activity with the Port of Corpus Christi's Learning Undefeated team for some hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities. Their task was to work with a team as engineers to build a house for the little pig that wouldn't blow down. They had formulate a plan, work within a budget, meet deadlines, and use creativity to put materials together to meet their assignment at hand. That moment when ALL teams' houses built withstood the test of functionality....PRICELESS.
about 2 months ago, Ingleside ISD
Kids working in STEM lab
Girls working in STEM lab
Boy working on STEM project
OUR FAMILY MATTERS: This year, Ingleside ISD has started an employee recognition program, the Family Matters Award. This award is designed to recognize IISD employees who are demonstrative of going above and beyond their normal job responsibilities to help a student, parent, volunteer, community member, or a fellow employee. This award is given each month to an employee that is selected by a committee who reviews each nomination. Our recipient for December is Nurse Shelley LaDuque of Ingleside High School. She was recognized during our School Board Meeting, where she was celebrated for her outstanding efforts. She was also awarded $100 from the Ingleside ISD Education Foundation. Below is an excerpt from the nomination that was submitted on her behalf: "It doesn't matter if Shelley is charting or fixing to take her lunch break, she sets everything aside without hesitation to care for students, and staff, even before herself. The staff as a whole will tell you that she’s the best school nurse that supports the “whole” student—mentally and physically. Shelley also wears many hats at Ingleside High School, where she helps with the metal detectors in the morning and with lunch duty, to name just a few things she helps out with-which is in addition to taking care of the all students at the High School. She also takes a proactive approach in making campus decisions that support students. She can be checking someone's temperature one minute and then a short time later counseling a student on their family crisis. The range of care with the level of caring behind it that she provides is unmatched. Nurse Shelley is always going above and beyond her assigned duties. She is willing to help do anything on campus that the High School asks her to do. These are just a few things to give as examples, but because of Nurse Shelley, all of our students are healthier, stronger and all-around great students. " We encourage you that if you witness an employee who goes above and beyond and demonstrates actions or qualities that are worthy of celebrating, to tell their story and help us recognize them! The nomination form is located on our website under the 'About Us' section of the Menu. To learn more about the Family Matters Award, please click the following link: https://forms.gle/vcd15YBti4mie5GK7 Way to go, Shelley! We are so glad you're part of the family at Ingleside ISD.
about 2 months ago, Ingleside ISD
Shelley LaDuque
⭐️🥇EXCELLENCE IN COUNSELING: Ingleside High School Counselors, Patricia Frost and Bobby Hon, are being recognized by the Texas School Counselor Association as recipients of the Counselors Reinforcing Excellence In Students In Texas (CREST) Award. This award is an elite group of Counselors from across the state who exhibit Counseling Excellence that improves the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains. Congratulations Mrs. Frost and Mr. Hon! The CREST awards recognizes Ingleside High School for appropriately utilizing their Professional School Counselors and demonstrating a continuous commitment to building a campus team and programs based on the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, endorsed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). This means that IHS engages their Professional School Counselors to provide students with the classroom guidance, college and career readiness, and social/emotional skills needed to be academically successful and well-prepared for life. Professional School Counselors receiving the CREST award use data-driven results to show the effectiveness of their comprehensive guidance and counseling program.
about 2 months ago, Ingleside ISD
Hon and Frost Outside HS