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Cyber Safety-Parent Only Meeting!!

3 days ago

cyber safety: don't let your digital footprint follow you through life

Parent Only Meeting!!

February 19, @ 6:30 pm, in the HS Cafeteria, Homeland Security will present:

The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Cyber Safety Presentation presented by Special Agent Heath Hardwick was designed to be both informative and educational about the current trends in child sexual exploitation investigations. The presentation will define what child pornography is, as well as the state and federal statutes regarding the sentencing for violations of law. SA Hardwick will also give examples of the current problematic social media apps children are dealing with today. Real-life cases investigated by HSI will be detailed to warn the attendees what tactics predators have been used to find, locate, and meet with children. SA Hardwick will also provide information regarding Predator Awareness and red flags and early warnings that someone may be attempting to coerce or entice a child.

Every parent needs to come see and hear this presentation. Together we need to keep our children as safe as possible, both in school and at home. Because of the graphic nature, they ask children under 18 do not attend. If you must bring your children, our high school honor society students will have an area set up and they will play games etc. with them during the meeting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact, Vicki Talton at the IISD Administration office at 361.776.7631 Ext. 250

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