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Why Ingleside ISD?

I enjoy working in Ingleside because I am given freedom to be a creative teacher and coach. Our administration takes care of us. I am well compenstated for the work I do.

Caitlin Whittle - Girls Coordinator and Math Teacher, 2 years  

   Ingleside High School

My favorite thing about working at Ingleside ISD is that I am trusted with the education of my students and supported in my instructional ideas and decisions. I can be creative with my lessons in order to extend my students learning.

Delaney Rangel - English Teacher, 1 year  

   Ingleside High School

The atmosphere, culture and staff are my favorite things about working here. Being a retired veteran, comrade is one of the most important qualities that I look for in a workplace. I love that I am able to give back to the community as well as work with some awesome people.

Sherise Bell - CTE Teacher- 3 years  

   Ingleside High School

I love the sense of community. I know that everyone is working to do what is best for students and making sure that the environment is a safe place for everyone. My principal and assistant principal work hard to make sure that my family comes first and that gives me a peace of mind.

Chanci Shugart - Teacher, 5 Years  

   Ingleside Primary School

We are family. I have 37 years of teaching experience and when Ingleside ISD offered me the opportunity to teach here, I knew it was the best place to spend my "twilight years". My experiences have been positive. While here, this school district has met and overcome several challenges: Hurricane Harvey, building a new high school and moving in during the school year, and COVID. Throughout these challenges, we stuck together and supported each other. I also experienced numerous personal hardships and I felt great love and support through my "Ingleside ISD Family". I do not know when I will retire, but I do know I will have continued support from the current administration.

Nancy Knobles - Teacher, 10+ Years  

   Ingleside High School

I love the fact that it is extremely friendly here in Ingleside and everyone is so supportive of what you are trying to do in the community! All the kids are respectful and the bonds that are built with our coworkers here in Ingleside are life long!

Louis Williams aka Coach Will - World History Teacher, Assistant Football Coach and Head Soccer Coach  

   Ingleside High School

One of the many things that I like working at Ingleside ISD is the workplace culture. The coworkers I work alongside each day are incredible and respectful individuals. We support each other in both professional and personal matters. I’m also driven by leadership opportunities that's entrusted to me by my administration. This allows me to expand my skills and take on new challenges that will better service my campus and district.

Kaylee Kocian - Third Grade Teacher, 3 Years  

   GJM Elementary

My favorite thing about working at Ingleside ISD would be the people. This is my first year teaching at Ingleside High School. Changing jobs can be stressful and sometimes scary. I can honestly say that from the first day the people here have made me feel welcome and at ease. The teachers here with are friendly and helpful. The administration has been supportive when I have needed them. It is so nice going to work with people who like their workplace, greet you with a ‘Good Morning’ each day, and are happy to be here. I feel very fortunate to work at Ingleside ISD.

Eva Martinez - High School Math, 1st Year at Ingleside ISD!  

   Ingleside High School

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