Hello Mustangland!

We know everyone has questions regarding graduation this Friday.

At this time, we are planning to go ahead with graduation as planned…8 PM…Mustang Stadium…unlimited seating.  Looking at the forecast, however, there is a chance this may not happen, so we have devised an indoor option just in case. 

If we need to move indoors, graduation will be held in the gym at 8 PM on Friday.  With this option students will only be allowed 5 tickets for family in the gym HOWEVER all other family and friends can watch the ceremony live-streamed in our cafeteria, with unlimited seating.  Seating in the gym is first come first served.

Either way, tickets will need to be picked up in the front office tomorrow, June 3rd from 8:30 AM 1:30 PM or 5 PM to 6:30 PM by student or parent.  There is no need to rush, all students are guaranteed the 5 tickets. 

As with everything else this year, we are trying to make things as normal as possible but nothing has been normal.

I want to reiterate that at this time we are still as planned in the stadium Friday at 8 PM with unlimited guests.  The indoor plan is just in case we need to adjust.   The call will be made at the latest possible moment so please be flexible.  Tickets are ONLY needed if we go with the indoor option.