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KUNO 101 - Where is my child's work??
Posted on 08/26/2013
Learn where to find your child's assignments on the new KUNO tablets...  READ MORE...

District Announcements

House Bill 5 Survey

 HS    Student Survey

Our school district is conducting an evaluation of selected programs and student services.  Parent perceptions are an important part of this evaluation.  

For each descriptor listed in the survey please assign a rating between 1 and 10 to indicate your opinion.  A rating of “10” indicates exceptional; a rating of “5” indicates average; a rating of “1” indicates extremely poor.

If you have no knowledge or opinion about a particular descriptor please select an “NA” for not applicable.

2013-2014 Academic Calendar

To view the Adopted budget for 2013-2014, click here.

To view the Proposed budget for 2013-2014, click here.

To view the Tax Rate for 2013, click here.

Ingleside ISD is pleased to 
report for the 2012-2013 school year that ALL of our campuses under P.L. 107-110, Section 1119(i) of Title I, Part A, are 100% Highly Qualified.  Click here for the Principal Attestation Reports.